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The night sky is shining in the blue planet
But the space is too vast
Edit: Unless I added you first, please comment here. I DON'T BITE, I LOVE NEW FRIENDS! I JUST ASK FOR A LITTLE NOTE HERE! Even just a "hi" is fine!

so I've joined all the kool people and made myself friends only. Comment to be added. Similar interests would be nice.

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Coz my profile was becoming a breeding ground >__<

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So last weekend was Hyper Japan in London. I don't always go but I did this time coz Shin. Here is the breakdown

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That was fun, although I feel like however much they tryhard, they can never BE Japan (I think the culture gap is too much tbh but I don't just think that about Japan, I think that about many countries trying to be other countries). Anyway, Idk if I'll go for xmas, I might anyway. Like eveytime I've gone, I have loved it anyway. I think we'll see my money after actual Japan.
I have all my pics and some videos on fb [removed now sorryyyyyy]
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I have so many bruises. My legs

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My arm

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So fucking worth it!
Oh, and some purikura!

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Me and my neko boys!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Seriously, I'm legit glad SuG came. I only met Anna and Kotsu coz I was going alone and tweeted if anyone wanted to hang out. And all you lovely people I met at the concert. Thank you for all my new friends SuG!
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I'm still updating okay so be patient. Ummm I guess...if you see an artist you like, ask if I have more by them?

Prices are in USD. Paypal only. Shipping to US is free and varies worldwide so ask.

DVDs are Region 2 (Japan, Europe etc) unless otherwise stated

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I'm going to be lazy and link to tumblr posts for photosets but just comment or PM here if you wish ^^

Happy Birthday

koi no ABO
Taiyou no Namida
Winter Party Diamond
Other Official

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Okay, I never use lj any more. And I know I might annoy people. I just need to get this out.

Okay, yesterday when that stuff with Tanuki happened and everyone got upset. Tanuki has been around for AGES, why get upset NOW?
These guys are famous, rumors will always be somewhere. They probably were well aware of this from the start.
Besides, yeah, the things people say aren't nice, I'm not saying I believe it but well, they're famous, they're human and no human is perfect. That doesn't stop me thinking they are wonderful.

And getting mad at ME coz I shrug it off? How immature. I'm sorry but I am not gunna get upset over a stupid site for posting something when site has existed for ages and posted things about every JRocker at some point. Sure it's not nice but my life won't be ruined over this. If your life is reduced to being ruined over rumors about a band you don't even know, maybe you need to rethink. And what's wrong with Tora having a big dick anyway? Surely it'd be worse if they said he was tiny?
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coming out of hiding to post a picspam for emmzidance, she knows why lol. And hun, if we have shared any of these before, I apologize in advance xD

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friending meme

Hello new people!
Things you ned to know about me:
1. I love VK band Alice Nine
2. I ship ShouPon forever <3

This is about all this entry is for.
Oh, I hafta write an essay on why I wanna go to Nagasaki so any help would be great!

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YEAH-OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, not a proper report. And in sections simply to make things easier for me.
And he is so much prettier from 4th row than balcony!

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