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*~If I said do you love me would you say yeah-oh?~* - The night sky is shining in the blue planet
But the space is too vast
*~If I said do you love me would you say yeah-oh?~*
YEAH-OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, not a proper report. And in sections simply to make things easier for me.
And he is so much prettier from 4th row than balcony!

Anyone who goes after, I advise going EARLY so you can get merch AS SOON AS YOU GET IN! We were there at like 3.30 and still had to wait 30 mins and by the time we got there, everything except shirts were sold out. After, we managed to get a couple posters (there were 3) and roomie 1 got a towel. No photosets for either of us D:

There was one with clips from LA, both from the VTRs and cons. So yes, familiar footage and some footage of fans. The second one, the footage was so cute and hawt! And he talked a little and explained why Yellow Gold 3010. During the show, he went off stage and words appeared on screen as if he was typing. It was amusing they made out he made a typo xD And stuff like 'lol' and 'OK :)' was funny

Honestly, beyond words. HE IS SO PRETTY! *ahem* So, I had to stand and people either know or don't why that's hard. I mean, walking around is ok, just standing in one place, not so great. But I digress. We were close enough to see the sweat dripping off him! I was a bit disappointed at 1st coz it was the exact same as LA. Then, he did some "new" songs. I'd heard Body Talk but not the other two. I LOVE The Fifth Season, I'll even go so far as to say it's 1 of the ultimate break-up songs. When he was like saying the date and stuff (amusing, "weather: sunny" when it had gotten dark like two hours before xD) I can't remember if he said this in LA but he was like "alcohol: ready" xD It's amusing how I can dislike songs then see pretty and "whatever". It was amusing, EVERY time he came to our side, I was like *Q*, my fav was during Wonder: "*clapping* I wonder wonder won- *Q* *clapping fades* He did my 2 fav songs one after the other, good boy. The dancing, some was the same, some was dif; he didn't do that bit where they were in like white costumes and lights shining on them. I'm not sure, I MAYBE noticed some other difs but by that time, I hated myself but "prz to be finishing soon, my feet are KILLING me!" At the end, it's hard to explain, we sang "Akanishi" to Tipsy Love, but not like in LA, like, to the tune of "he~y he~y hey~ hey~" so "A~ka~ni~shi~ Akanishi~". There is something about a pretty boy with girls with thier hands all over him, his hands all over them, his hands all over himself...........*nosebleeds*

Ok, so it wasn't REALLY an MC, he thanked people for coming and talked about his new songs

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chynn23 From: chynn23 Date: November 8th, 2010 09:51 am (UTC) (Link)
You're so lucky to be able to come and see Jin!! *____* and it's your 4th(?) time already! aaah~ ♥

I've heard FIFTH SEASON too and asdgdwlkjh I'M IN LOVE with the song! So preeeeettttyyy~ :D

x_shock_me_x From: x_shock_me_x Date: November 8th, 2010 09:55 am (UTC) (Link)
haha, I used to live in Scotland and went to LA in June xD I love Pi more so imagine what I'd do for him xD
From: ryogrande Date: November 8th, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
i can't believe they made you stand. american concerts are so uncomfortable. Dx
x_shock_me_x From: x_shock_me_x Date: November 8th, 2010 03:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well, I guess TECHNICALLY, they didn't make me, when Mary called, they offered disabled and I'm like "SCREW THAT, AS CLOSE AS WE CAN GET!" and I didn't HAFTA stand, just when it started, everyone in front of me did so it's like "can't really see :/". When it was over, I think the car was my new BFF! They made her take my walker back outside after I was at my seat and after, while she was getting it, some staff guy tried to make me move, I'm thinking "good luck with that"

How close are you? He's SO PRETTY up close!
From: ryogrande Date: November 8th, 2010 03:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
we have to sit in the balcony because the floor is standing room only. so my view will be about as good as last time. xD i think i'm the same distance as l.a. (row f).

the disabled seats weren't close? wtf, i thought that was the point.
x_shock_me_x From: x_shock_me_x Date: November 8th, 2010 04:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm just gunna assume they were where they were before, up on the balcony at the vey left (seriously, right beside the bathroom). Anyway, I don't like stuff like that if I can help it, I don't like stuff that says "hey, I'm different from my friends" so when stuff is hard but I CAN manage, I will.

Typing does NOT do my face justice when he came over xD Mouth hanging open, eyes wide, leaning forward xD

I'mma hafta take a pic of my poster. There was like 2 that are just pics from the website then my pretty!
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