Too Early For A Clever Title

Yayyyy got my an-an! It goes from clothed -> semi-nude -> nude and am I the only one who thinks it is more often sexier when certain things are left to the imagination? I am SO more into the seductive looks when clothed and semi-nude. Saying that, he has a killer butt (not as amazing as Miho from Lovebites, she has the ass of a goddess) and there's one pic of side!butt I'd SO be okay with seeing more XD The free DVD with it, I joked it would be porn IT LEGIT WAS. x.x my poor eyes. I may love Gaya but I don't wanna see straight sex kthnxbai and if you must show straight sex, at least put my bb in I was actually shook, the guy is legit Chiyu's friend. That isn't what shook me. I've known for years he has a porn friend, it amuses me a lot. What shook me, I know he works A LOT in gay porn (like A LOT idiot has posted now deleted gifs on twitter of his movies), I literally had zero clue he'd done straight porn ever.
I got watching Mirror Twins and was blindsided by the sex IT'S A JDRAMA OKAY I DO NOT EXPECT MUCH MORE THAN A BRUSH OF THE LIPS.See, straight sex that involves bb I AM FINE WITH THIS but dorama is actually good HANA APPROVES. I actually DON'T KNOW how it escaped me it is SO my kind of thing. Oh well, we have it now. It actually got a second season, I'm starting on that and certain good things about that but I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE FIRST SEASON I think a certain Chiyu may murder me if I declare my fav but it kinda is
Hana had WAY too much fun bidding on yahoo Japan auctions and she has a huge haul arriving the day before bday. Maybe I can wa- GET REAL HANA
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I had a dream last night my an-an came today. I woke to a mail that it shipped and will be here Thursday. Idk if that's better or worse KNOWING, I wanna hibernate now XD
I spent altogether TOOO LONG making my lj all pretty again. Is not the worst but I can't exactly remember how to code myself and there is SO things I would change if I could remember. I also had to translate a song and decide what was suitable to use as text x.x
I decided to watch Shinikare coz I hadn't. It was actually REALLY GOOD until about halfway through aka ZOMBIE. Kinda ruined it tbh. I have not found a dorama of bb that I actually LIKE. This is so strange, I'm so used to either having a bb in all the best dorama or a bb who has only acted once but said dorama was actually A LOT better than expected. I actually binged Ochanomizu Rock the other week but I may again coz I NEED BRAINBLEACH FROM ZOMBIE. Not that I actually had to SEE gross zombie-face coz they always avoided showing his face (and I suspect even gross zombie-face Fujigaya is still as attractive as a normal person)
I can't find my old Winkup and I have looked EVERYWHERE, likely, unlikely, fucking insane. By this point, is less maybe bbs and more WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THEM?
I started to go through oldddd SC and I can't by this point get the OLDEST og Kis-My-Ft but I got some starting 2005 a few months before they became Kis-My-Ft2. I also found some 8-nin NEWS clips I absolutely did not have which is amusing me coz 24yo Hana is like WTF HOW DID I NOT HAVE EVERY NEWS EVER. Also, I had some of these Kisu (bc they were my fav juniors back then, even mini!Hana knew somewhat XD She just wonders when she turned senile and will willingly skip Tomo to stare at Gaya XD)
Gunna go watch Kis-My-World tour and go on a mission to find a good Gaya drama. And slowly die as I await my porn nekkid pretty boy
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Sexuality Ruiner Gaya

So Fujigaya has ENTIRELY ruined my sexuality! Let me explain why
PLEASE STOP WHILE I STILL HAVE A FUNCTIONAL BRAIN. You know, when I was into Kisu before, Gaya was SO not my bias. I guess I just am weak for an M who is also a slut XD
I MAY have spent altogether TOO LONG searching for his an-an from 2013 (like a physical copy, ofc I found scans). I found it EVENTUALLY and paid right away (can I just say shipping was like £20 more than the damn MAGAZINE. The things I do for nekkid pretty >___<) so it will be mine in 1-2 weeks, possibly on my bday which would be kind of epic. Did I mention I have been out of Kisu fandom too long? Coz I have, that damn magazine is 8 years old and by no means the oldest I missed (just the hottest) If only I could get the roughly 10 years worth that I am missing. Something tells me no on that though XD
It was rather annoying, I went to Japan Centre in London. I haven't been in like 2 years bc I got busy with uni and figured "oh, holidays are for London trips" (I HATE going at weekends) then covid happened. Anyway, I looked online and sadface no Cure (not that I expect Chiyu bb, he rarely does magazines anymore but well we have other vk bbs XD) but they had like Duet, Potato and Popolo. Not that I could tell if Kisu coz I zoomed in on covers to read who was in then realised the covers they were showing were NOT what the text said they were selling (like, the site said April 2021 then the cover was like June 2020). So I figured oh hell I'll see when I get in there. The magazine section irl is TINY now compared to before (seriously, I heard of some stores doing more irl than online but not the other way and counterproductive to someone who is more likely to buy irl). And so they didn't HAVE those ones, all they had was an oldddd Myojo (2019 iirc) with no bbs XD GIVE ME KISU. So yeah, that was a bummer since that was a major appeal of the Japan Centre. Not only, I got too many snacks, a few ramune and too many cans of bubble tea. Also stuff to make shoyu and miso. Also lunch (and yes, I am aware not vegan. I am not a crazy insane vegan and when the choices of gyoza are limited, I'll take chicken. Also chicken katsu "sushi"). Ah well, at least I got kawaii things from artbox (a store with very kawaii, mostly Japanese things. And no, despite the name, don't expect art supplies if that's your jam. It's not mine).
You know, I bought 1 other SEX an-an ever and while at this point in my life I'd rather stare at nekkid Gaya (24yo me is kicking my ass and calling me a blind old lady right about now XD) hot DAMN Fujigaya should have done some of those same poses as Tomo. For someone who has a very nice ass also Hana has realised she has an obsession with asses just gunna say NOT ENOUGH BUTT. And he's the same age as me which makes him 25-26 when those pics were taken and I can work with that XD Oh god, I used to feel like an ancient JE fan at 25, NOW at 34 what am I XD Not that I'm a JE fan. Nope. Just Kisu. I refuse to be dragged further into the JE pit.
Gaya: come here we has cookies
I actually said to my friend that when I get an-an, since is near my bday I should wait to open it but even as I was typing that sounded ridiculous GET REAL HANA
I'm off on a mission now I swear I still have some old Winkup with Kisu somewhere...

So. Hi.

Hana MAY be making her way back to the Kisu fandom. Orz, is there a place for an aromantic lesbian in the JE fandom? I don't care, it's fun here. I can't remember how to LJ. Meh

*~Friends Only~*

Edit: Unless I added you first, please comment here. I DON'T BITE, I LOVE NEW FRIENDS! I JUST ASK FOR A LITTLE NOTE HERE! Even just a "hi" is fine!

so I've joined all the kool people and made myself friends only. Comment to be added. Similar interests would be nice.
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I was gunna write an entry on my last visit to Japan (as that's all I do on LJ now) but I wrote FAR too much about bb's live xD

12/27 CHIYU DAY!!!!!!!! Omg, so I got up super early, went to temple again which was less crowded coz early, I actually walked the grounds a bit, was nice. Also, I prayed, I lit a candle, I lit incense xD I mean, I knew would be amazing, was nervous for him (I saw his twitter, he was nervous as HELL) xD I went back, got my gift, hung out a bit. My friend Chi had a gift I said I'd give Chiyu for her so I got that. My gift, I'd made it all myself, some candles and some massage oils. Just the fact I made sure they all had aphrodisiac scents xD No really they did! Anyway so I left for the livehouse. Like 3, I started queueing for merch, took forever but I got one of everything lol (you expected different? xD) After merch we had to go back upstairs xD I put my crap in the cloakroom and waited eagerly for my number to be called. When it was, I flew down those stairs xD I had money for my drink token ready xD I grabbed some water and went in! Omg xD While we were waiting and random songs played on the speakers, Kuu came on and I SWEAR the volume went up, like "DIS IZ MIZUKI'S DOING!" (he loves her lol). Seishun Amigo came on and the whole audience (myself included) were all doing the dance xD (been a while but I guess the Tomo fangirl never truely dies xD) I was imagining Chiyu and Mizuki doing it too and dying xDDD So when the lights went out my heart was racing! I must also say, that whole live, I REALLY appreciated Mizuki. Mizuki is like his bff/bro/homie and at the last minute, Mizuki said he'd do guitar for Chiyu. Bb was 100% more relaxed (he did an acoustic set without Mizuki too and you could SEE how much more nervous he was). No, it was so nice, he was like smiling the whole time like so nice after he was so nervous ^^ During his acoustic, he did a cover of Kira Kira (SuG) and the ENTIRE audience SOBBED. He did a cover of One Love by Arashi and asked us to sing along coz it was his birthday AND THE ASSHOLE DID PUPPY EYES I LEGIT THREW MY WATER (I mean it had the lid on xD). So after Mizuki came back and then he had a surprise and Reika came on (another bro, they have a crew xD) and then they had a cake for him Yuji is supposed to have made (I still don't believe it xD He probs bought it and took it out the box "yeah I TOTALLY MADE this". HE ALSO SAID HIS NIECE HAS BEEN BORN HLHSDFHFIIOFD. When it ended, we left and us afterparty folks had to go back upstairs (seems pointless but) So by that time people would be awake so I was texting everyone like "OMG!". Went BACK downstairs and got more water then went in and omg xD So the 3 iditots decided to get drunk and do karaoke *facepalm* That song BESTO FRIEND BESTO FRIEND TAISETSU NA HITO they were singing that and hugging. Chiyu had made a calendar and the others wer teasing him saying one pic was scary (I thought it was hella cute). He had a behind the scenes video and when those pictures were being taken, they were like "here it is!". Mizuki went round the rest of the crew with a camera and made them record messages for his birthday ^^ Jun (GOTCHAROCKER) omg xD He sang happy birthday but to Mizuki and Mizuki's like "it's Chiyu dude" (to be fair, their birthdays are close. But Jun was more likely just being a brat). So it ended and THE MOMENT I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR MONTHS BEING GREETED BY BB! It was amazing we high five'd and he saw the shirt I made with his name AND HE SMILED AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST MOMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I legit was shaking too much to walk and had to get a cab and texted EVERYONE like "SEND HELP BB SMILED AT ME" Also he sang that song Yuki no Hana and me and a certain friend always call him "Chiyuki" so YES I'LL BE HIS HANA. Also never forget HE SMILED AT ME!!!!!!

So he's having a solo album and tour, so unsurprised. Also not surpising I'll be at the tour xD Also always remember HE SMILED AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and here's his song~

and guys HE SMILED AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hyde devil

*~Hyper Japan~*

So last weekend was Hyper Japan in London. I don't always go but I did this time coz Shin. Here is the breakdown

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That was fun, although I feel like however much they tryhard, they can never BE Japan (I think the culture gap is too much tbh but I don't just think that about Japan, I think that about many countries trying to be other countries). Anyway, Idk if I'll go for xmas, I might anyway. Like eveytime I've gone, I have loved it anyway. I think we'll see my money after actual Japan.
I have all my pics and some videos on fb [removed now sorryyyyyy]

~*Anna and SuG*~

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I have so many bruises. My legs

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My arm

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So fucking worth it!
Oh, and some purikura!

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Me and my neko boys!

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Seriously, I'm legit glad SuG came. I only met Anna and Kotsu coz I was going alone and tweeted if anyone wanted to hang out. And all you lovely people I met at the concert. Thank you for all my new friends SuG!